The Differences Between Hollywood & Bollywood

Most people are very familiar with Hollywood and the film industry. However, Bollywood is getting a lot of attention too. The two seem strikingly different on the surface. However, they do have one thing in common, entertainment. Of course, Hollywood is located in Los Angeles, California and represents American cinema. Bollywood is actually a symbolic name. It does not really exist. However, the name might be a reference to Bombay, where the Indian movie industry made its first debut.

Hollywood & Bollywood

Hollywood has been around for well over a century. It has always been a strong representative of American culture and cinema. The first film was made in 1910. The first Indian film was produced in 1913. The Bollywood cinema is more representative of the Hindi cinema, which is an influential part of the Indian cinema. Hollywood films are spoken primarily in English, where as the Bollywood films are spoken mostly in the Hindi language.

More Differences

Bollywood produces around 1200 films per year, compared to Hollywood producing about 500 films per year. Hollywood is the big revenue winner. Still, Bollywood is third in revenue across the film world. Hollywood movie plots center around just about any topical subject. However, Bollywood cinema always sprinkles love and romance in every plot line. The length difference is also significant. Hollywood films are about 1 hour to 1 and a half hour. Bollywood films check in at 2 or 3 hours. Hollywood films add music to the background. Bollywood films love to add plenty of music along with dance routines.